History Writ in Steel
German Police Markings 1900-1936

L. Donald Maus

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Welcome to my web site which serves as a supplement to my book History Writ in Steel – German Police Markings 1900-1936.  The book is based on almost five years of data collection and historical research of the German police during the first third of the last century.  The markings they used to identify their property have long been a source of confusion for collectors of German weapons and other memorabilia from that era.  Using period documents and a database of over 2,300 observed markings representing over 300 police and law enforcement agencies, I was able to identify about 85% of these units with confidence levels ranging from "probable" to "certain."  For a review of this book by Jan C. Still, one of the foremost collectors and researchers of handguns from the German Imperial, Weimar and Nazi eras and author of some of the most respected books on this topic, click here.


I stated in the Preface of the book that I expected that it contained some errors and that new information and further research inevitably would lead to modifications of some of the identifications.  I was right!  Soon after committing the book to print, several errors were identified and I began discovering new information that caused me to re-think some of my opinions and conclusions.
  This site contains the resulting updates to the book.  It is designed with the assumption that the reader has access to the book and will not be particularly informative to those who do not.  If you are interested in buying the book, it is available from the publisher, Brad Simpson Publishing of Simpson Ltd (http://www.simpsonltd.com/).  In Europe, it may be purchased from Kurt Bouras of Classic Firearms in Mainz, Germany (http://www.classic-firearms.com).  

Updated information may be found on two pages on this site.  The Errata page contains identified errors in the book.  The New Insights page contains new or revised interpretations based on new data and other information.  [Updated 11/13/2018]

am sure that additional errors will be discovered and new information will surface, particularly as more readers study the book.  I encourage those who observe errors or have new information to contact me at

Don Maus
Houston, TX

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