History Writ in Steel
German Police Markings 1900-1936

L. Donald Maus

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1.      I regretfully acknowledge that I misspelled Shayne MacMahon’s surname in numerous places.  Shayne was a major contributor of data and photos throughout my research and, for a long time, I had a “brain cramp” and kept typing “McMahon.”  I finally got straightened out but failed to go back and correct earlier misspellings.  I am very sorry, Shayne.


2.      In researching the post-WWI occupation of German territory, I inadvertently transcribed the withdrawal date of French occupation forces from the southern Rhineland as 30 January 1930.  The correct date is 30 June 1930, five months later.  This error first appears in Chapter 1 (p.15) and subsequently in Chapters 4 (p. 60), 5 (p. 85), 8 (pp. 125 & 127), 13 (p. 196), 16 (p. 262) and 20 (p. 325).  Fortunately, this error did not affect any of the opinions in the book.  The only significant impact is to increase confidence in the hypothesis in Chapter 16 that the H.P. marked 29 DWM P08s with serial numbers in the high “u” and very low “v” blocks that were delivered to the Hessische Polizei had their stock lugs removed at the insistence of the French.  These pistols apparently were the last contract fulfilled by BKIW in late 1929 or very early 1930.  They would have been received by the Hessian police while the French were still in a position to exert this influence.


3.      Chapter 5, Table 5-10 – Sauer M1926 Export serial number 165230 is listed twice in this table, once with fgs marking K.D.II.1. and again with K.D.III.1.  The latter entry is correct.  The fgs marking K.D.II.1. has been reported recently on Mauser M1914 serial number 1 with an earlier canceled marking, Pol.Präs.E.–B. Nr 1 on the lsf (http://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?t=19680).  This is consistent with the other listed M1914s from the Kripo office in Wuppertal.


4.      Chapter 9, Table 9-3 – The correct serial number of the Alpha DWM P08 marked S.Sta.I.233. is 7309q.  It is 9 mm and small parts are numbered in both commercial and military style.  This correction eliminates my puzzlement associated with the original report that it was .30 cal.


5.      Chapter 13, p. 205 – The correct marking on 29 DWM P08 4264u in Table 13-7 is L.Op.I.1.  The use of a Latin L instead of a script L in this mark is unique compared with other Landjägerei markings from this district.  Also, this is the only instance I have observed of a Roman numeral in a Landjägerei marking.


6.      Chapter 15, Table 18-2 – The pistol marked Schupo.Danzig 675 is actually a Mauser M1914 and not an FN Browning M1900 as listed.  The listed serial number is correct.


7.      Chapter 18, pp. 296 & 298 – The holster containing 1914 Commercial DWM P08 serial number 74213 marked R.G.220 (Table 18-1) is marked R.G.16 and not R.G.14 as listed.  This means there is only one exception to the correlation between Reichsgendarmerie holster markings and P08 models (p.298).


8.      Chapter 20, Table 20-18 – The unidentified marking ST.L.3. is found on Rheinmetall serial number 260338, not on a Dreyse M1907.

9.     Chapter 20, Table 20-9 – The blade length of the KS 98 bayonets with S.Tr. markings is actually  15-      ½ inches. [Added 11/5/2009]

10. Chapter 7, Fig.7-9 - The caption incorrectly identifies this as a Revierpolizei marking.  It is actually 
      a Bereitschaftspolizei marking. 
[Added 11/5/2009]

Chapter 10, Fig. 10-8 – The illustrated marking is actually on 1911 Erfurt P08 serial number 3790.  [Added 2/4/2010]

12. Introduction, Chapter 12, Table 12-10 and Chapter 20, Table 20-18 – A recent auction of 29 DWM P08 serial number 1061s has revealed that the correct marking on the fgs of this pistol is PB.17. from the police school at Bonn.  In Table 20-18, it is incorrectly listed as RB72.  This entry and the RB entry in the table in the Introduction should be deleted.  The same pistol is also listed in Table 12-10 as being marked PB.72.  The property number should be corrected.  [Added 2/4/2010]

13. Chapter 11, Fig. 11-15 - The tool illustrated in this figure is most likely marked S.Ar. (Schutzpolizei Arnsberg) rather than S.Al. (Schutzpolizei Allenstein) as labeled. This was pointed out by Klaus Merzbach and, after careful examination of a number of photos, I agree. [Added 12/22/2011] 

14. Chapter 13, Table 13-6 - The correct property marking for Mauser M1914 #168438 listed on p. 203 is L.Me.237. [Added 2/19/2016]

15. Chapter 14, Table 14-4 and Fig. 14-16 - The property number on the base of the P.A.L. - marked magazine is actually 409. It was mis-transcribed as 490. [Added 11/13/2018]



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