History Writ in Steel
German Police Markings 1900-1936

L. Donald Maus

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HWIS Review by Jan C. Still 
The following review by Jan C. Still of History Writ in Steel is reproduced with his permission:

HISTORY WRIT IN STEEL , German Police Markings 1900 - 1936, by L Donald Maus.
*Foreword by Joe Wotka, the worlds foremost authority on German police history and weapons.
*384 page full size book.
*350 full-color illustrations (photos, maps, charts, documents).
*Easy to use Tables contain data on over 2,300 observed police markings.
*Published by Brad Simpson Publishing.
*Royalties for this book will be paid directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to sponsor research to find a cure for this disease that threatens the lives of about 70,000 children and young adults worldwide.

Standard copies are hardbound and cost $89.95 plus shipping & handling. A limited edition of 200 Deluxe copies has been printed. These are signed, leather-bound, have gilded page edges and cost $150.00 plus shipping & handling. Available from Simpson LTD at
or telephone them at 309-342-5800.  [Standard copies available in Europe from Kurt Bouras of Classic Firearms in Mainz, Germany (http://www.classic-firearms.com) ].

My copy of this book arrived today. About half of the book is devoted to the unit markings of the Prussian police while the remainder addresses markings of police in Bavaria, Saxony, Thüringen, Anhalt, Braunschweig, the Mecklenburgs, Oldenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck, Baden, Württemberg, Hessen and the territories surrendered after World War I – Alsace-Lorraine, Danzig, Memelland, Saarland and German Southwest Africa. Other law-enforcement agencies included are the Customs and Finance Administrations of Prussia, Hamburg and Danzig and the Railway and Waterways Protection Police.

“HISTORY WRIT IN STEEL” is the result of years of devoted detailed research and it opens a door into the past of German police marked pistols. Giving them a location and history will greatly increase collector interest and their collector value.

Brad Simpson Publishing did an outstanding job of printing this book with high quality paper and color photographs.

Many thanks to Donald Maus for writing and to Brad Simpson for printing this outstanding book. No German police collector should be without it. Note: parts of this review borrowed from other sources.

Jan C Still
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